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Just one video every morning.
So you can go on with your day.

There's a lot of great content on social media. But it's very easy to get lost in those platforms and loose track of time. By design, social media wants us to stay engaged and in-app as long as possible.

We built this app with one goal in mind: To provide you with one positive piece of content every morning to start your day right. No more than that. We want you to leave the app as soon as possible so you can go on with your day and actually do stuff that matters. Instead of wasting time on social media.

Providing only one piece of content per day means we have to get it right, every single time. So after every video we ask you about the impact on your current state of happiness. Based on that you train the app on what video has the biggest impact on you in the morning. So the next day it can provide you with more of that.

Built by two guys that simply like dog videos

We like to discover and share funny videos. But we also realise what a time sink it can be to pick up your phone in the morning and check all your feeds. When we heard of the 24hour startup challenge we thought its a great opportunity to build something around that.

Joshua Jansen, Developer

Yann Schaub, Designer